Serendipity is finding something useful without looking for it.

What is life?! What is fate?! Do we have the power to make it as we want to or is there something that direct us to different paths and we’re just like marionettes?!

I think that every move you make can and will lead you to a different life.

Mr. Nobody is a movie that tells the story of the infinite choices we have and the big difference one step can make.

Maybe..just maybe, everything that you’ve gone through, the people you let or will be worth in the end.

Sometimes you find that person that with his/her smile, the beauty of his/her soul, the way he/she makes you, in this moment..makes you think you’ve taken the right steps. You’re on you’re stairway to Heaven.

This moment is all we have, now..just right now – there’s no past, there’s no future – there’s just now so we better live it fearlessly!

Make it count! Live it up!

Autor: zPaula

Love is my religion

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