The voice inside of you

Do you remember your voice?

The one that whispers all of your dreams?

Do you remember the purest form of yourself?

Before you gave that to every stranger that you’ve met.

Do you remember your path?


It’s been a while since I’ve started to take a real look inside. Sometimes, what is there, wanted to surface and it spoke to me but I’ve pushed it back, because I wasn’t ready to listen again to it.

When I was a little girl I’ve felt a lot of pain. And that pain grew and I’ve tried to make it go away. I remember wanting to be happy when I grow up. That was my dream. That was all I wanted. Peace, harmony, love and to built a family that would be and offer a safe, emotional place. I’ve developed a way of being that you would recognize as „a people pleaser” , and I have felt these need to save every soul that would ask me for my help. That made me focus on someone’s else’s problems and got away from mine. I pushed them away.

Pain means growth and we shouldn’t run from it. Embrace it. Go deep within it. Listen to it and let it teach you. You’ll come back more compassionate and wise.

I’ve always been a paradox. A resilient, to her place type of girl but at the same time, an earthquake of passion and rebellion. I have dreamed for years on taking an unconventional way of life, of seeing the world and in my dreams.. I’ve been everywhere. But the thing is that dreams are not reality; and there is an instinct in me for so long on pursuing that…but the responsibilities that I have are contradictory. The ideal thing is to fall in love with someone that has the same vision and passion for life as you do. But that doesn’t always happen.

I’ve made other people my priority and forgot about myself; I’ve got lost in every soul that I’ve loved and carried them with me along the way. And when you do that for long, it is hard to listen to your voice and find yourself again; and it isn’t really fair to put all that pressure on someone else. So, what do you do?

I dare you to listen to yourself!

I dare you to find yourself again!

I dare you to live the vision of your life!

Nobody is going to do that for you. Love yourself enough to be selfish with your life.

I wish you all, wild adventures and lots of moments of feeling alive.

Have the best of days!


Autor: zPaula

Love is my religion

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